Our highly digitalized business environment means that most work takes place online. The more digital channels and devices a company uses, the more it is at risk from data loss as well as many forms of cyberattacks and information theft. This means that security of systems and information can no longer be an afterthought in your IT strategy.

Security and compliance measures need to be implemented throughout the entire lifecycle of an IT asset.

High compliance standards to keep data protected

Besides making sure the correct security measures are implemented, modern regulation requires that businesses protect their customers’ information under penalty of law. This is especially true for companies that deal with offshore clientele. Compliance to best practices, international regulations, and local law is not an optional part of your information security strategy.

An experienced digital security partner

Thillet Data Systems employs a guided approach to information and system security. Our focus is on helping our clients understand the risks their companies are facing, and which solutions are most suitable for them. With best practices at our forefront, we provide a full guidance through compliance standards and regulation that are intended to keep your organization’s information secure. Our portfolio of security services includes: